Through the lens

This might just be the best thing I've seen all day, it combines my love of Canon cameras with my love of tea... what more could a girl want?

Camera lens mug, $24 a piece over at Photojojo... &hearts

28 Days Later

Severalls visit July 2010...


I don't speak Chinese and Babelfish/Google translator is failing me so I've no idea what this site actually says, or who it's by... but I know I love the crazy food/fashion hybrids pictured on the page. Whilst I fully expect that it's part of some art exhibit or marketing campaign, I really and truly hope it's real. I can *so* see myself rocking a sardine belt and carrying a broccoli bag about town. Also: omg aubergine pumps. Thanks to DaddyLikey for pointing me in this delicious direction ;)

Never finished

As Ricky Fitts' mum said in American Beauty, I'm sorry for the way things look around here.

Apparently, I'm never content when it comes to website design. Yet again I'm having a layout shake-up - I've got the basic template sorted but there's lots of tweeks and tiny changes to carry out, which, due to it being 10.30pm on a Friday, I just can't be bothered to do right now. What can I say, I'm a perfectionist... a lazy one.

Watch this space.

Reason #16778 why I hate the World Cup

Frequent Fail Whale whenever anything remotely "exciting" happens.
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