Boys Will Be Boys

I am finding myself feeling suprisingly sympathetic towards Chantelle Houghton, which considering I wasn't even going to watch this Ultimate Big Brother thing, is a turn up for the books.

Also, I forgot how much I like Samuel Preston. Mainly for the clothes, the tattoos, his pet cat and the fact he has a blog. Which, if I remember rightly, is here:



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Apparently to claim my site on Bloglovin' I have to post this message. I'd forgotten that. So this isn't an entire waste of a post, have a random picture from my hard drive...

Aww, everyone loves Mio Mao, or should do. Youtube it. Sorry that this post was almost entirely a load of guff.

Blood Sweat and Tears

I know that it's absolutely disgusting, but I quite like this weird blood-patterned porcelein tea set for some reason. It's not available anymore sadly and anyway cost $500 (not quite fitting into my Wilkos style budget then) but still. I wonder if a similar effect could be worked at home with a plain white tea set and some china paints? Or would it look crap? Perhaps a weekend project for me to try out...

Via HomeQN, randomly

I'll Be Back

Hey kids, guess who's back? ...Me. Obviously. Sorry for the small absence, I managed to catch yet another cold (I blame London) so have been slobbing about in my PJs, and taking in lots of the essential nutrients needed in such a situation.

Vitamin C in the form of Innocent Smoothies, and Love It magazine.
It's been a topsy turvy week to be honest, I've done absolutely no knitting or sewing... or anything creative, in fact. I found myself living alone again today (boo) so occupied my time with obsessive cleaning, reordering my home and buying new lamps. I sure know how to live. Bit scared that the new position of my ex-bedside lamp (now living room lamp) will infact burn the house down, though. Books + wooden shelf + hot lamp = ???

We'll see.


Meow mix

Late to the party, I know, but still. If I ever bought this I'd not be able to use it lest the cat disappear.

It's my birthday and I'll die if I want to

So yesterday I turned 24, hurrah! Not quite a milestone age but getting pretty close. It felt like I'd been 23 forever so it feels quite nice to have a bit of a change.

I wasn't sure what to do to make the most of my birthday day-off from work; my criteria was generally:
  • something fun
  • something a bit out of the ordinary
  • something cheap
My options were whittled down to a day at the seaside, a day exploring the random villages around my town, or a day visiting museums in London. I decided that, even though it would definitely be the most expensive option, London town was my preferred excursion so we hopped on a train and arrived at about 11am (thanks to me dawdling about the house in the morning).

I won't go into masses of details, as I'm sure that would be fairly boring, but the day pretty much consisted of:

tube trains; getting stuck at Aldgate for ages; wandering; following orange lamposts; finding the Tate, "why does it look like Berut around here?"; mirrors that were art; Russian propoganda; Mary Old Mary; fox vision; more wandering; sitting on the South Bank; fish and chip pub dinner; the most Italian waitress ever; being trapped inside Westminster station FOREVER on some kind of M.C.Escher stairwell; London Bridge; the V&A; discovering David is HUGE; looking at Jesus for ages; sitting on a train floor whilst trying not to ruin my £2 dress.

Good times ♥

Sea of ...something

Pic by and of Jane, obvs.

I know there is a big love/hate divide surrounding Jane of Sea of Shoes; a lot of which (recently, anyway) seems to be coming down on the 'hate' side of the debate. Whether it's because she's unashamedly rich, gets on so well with her (beautiful) family, has unlimited access to fashion, photographers and everything else or something entirely different, I'm not sure.

I'm in the middle, personally. Whilst I can see that her champagne lifestyle is a whole world away from my Tesco Value budget (seriously) I don't see that as a bad thing. Looking at her (generally amazing) photos doesn't make me jealous. I find it kind of fascinating, in a 'how the other half live' kind of way.

I'm not so sure on her latest obsession though, namely bug jewellery. Half of me loves it in a "oh look creepy" kind of way (a throwback to my goth years, naturally) whilst the other half thinks that, were I to actually wear a dead cockroach round my neck in public, I'd look less chic, more insane.

I wonder how the beetles feel about all of this?

Pop your collar

Perri has gone and done it again, creating something lovely for the (often none-too appreciative) readers of the Guardian. Visit the Guardian site to see how to create this beauty. ♥

I like this, for some reason

Maybe this is why I've hesitated and ummed and aahed for so long about getting any done despite the fact I like them, in the right circumstances, and on the right person. I'm not brave.

Also: har-de-har at the unnecessary quote marks :) Image via Drops of Jupiter's Tattoo Tuesday, of course.

Remember, remember...

A few of my favourite things (this week)

Just because I liked it.

Three is the magic number

I'm only three repeats into my mystery shawl but already I'm totally in love with it. I had to rip it out and start again at one point yesterday due to a massive drop in concentration that led to missing out an entire lace row (fail) but luckily that was only on the first repeat so it wasn't too traumatic. I did still of course have a paddy and stomp about in a grump for ten minutes lamenting how it was RUINED FOREVER and I'd have to START IT ALL AGAINNNNN but once I'd stopped being melodramatic I sat down, cast on again, and here I am.

Lace knitting seems to go quicker for me than other types, I've tried several times to cast on for endless jumpers, cardigans and whatnot with the best of intentions, only to give up after four inches of stocking stitch because it's already taken me forever to get to that point. I think it's also kind of satisfying to create something that, at first, looks a bit like a brain - all wrinkled and small and messy - but once blocked looks like an amazing work of art. That sounded gross, didn't it?

I'll stop now before I go off on a complete tangent. Bye! ♥

PS: Say hello to our new friend, Archimedes... hoot hoot!

Mystery Jets

So, finally an actual *crafting* post! Wowsers. Considering the whole point of me setting up this little place was to document my knitting/sewing misadventures I've yet to post anything of substance, oops. To be honest this is because I've not really had much time to make anything of worth since moving house in April; and anything I have made has been pretty lame and/or dull (one rectangular phone case, to date... 'citin).

But now I'm back on the knitting wagon and I have to say, I'm loving it. I'm making the mystery shawl featured within the lovely Let's Knit magazine back in 2009. I'm a bit annoyed at myself to be honest, I printed out the first part only thinking that it would probably take me a while to complete (having not knitted anything harder than a square for... well, ages) but it actually only took about half an hour to complete the set-up, and I only made one mistake due to chatting and not paying attention (typical me). I can't wait to get started on the main body, this project is looking pretty delicious already (excuse the crappy phone picture... and my gross nail varnish, apparently I'm scruffy).

I'll keep updating with pics as I go... nothing else much to report, there's a big project coming up; not a crafting one, more of a nutritional venture (not Atkins, this time)... but more on that another day.

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