It's my birthday and I'll die if I want to

So yesterday I turned 24, hurrah! Not quite a milestone age but getting pretty close. It felt like I'd been 23 forever so it feels quite nice to have a bit of a change.

I wasn't sure what to do to make the most of my birthday day-off from work; my criteria was generally:
  • something fun
  • something a bit out of the ordinary
  • something cheap
My options were whittled down to a day at the seaside, a day exploring the random villages around my town, or a day visiting museums in London. I decided that, even though it would definitely be the most expensive option, London town was my preferred excursion so we hopped on a train and arrived at about 11am (thanks to me dawdling about the house in the morning).

I won't go into masses of details, as I'm sure that would be fairly boring, but the day pretty much consisted of:

tube trains; getting stuck at Aldgate for ages; wandering; following orange lamposts; finding the Tate, "why does it look like Berut around here?"; mirrors that were art; Russian propoganda; Mary Old Mary; fox vision; more wandering; sitting on the South Bank; fish and chip pub dinner; the most Italian waitress ever; being trapped inside Westminster station FOREVER on some kind of M.C.Escher stairwell; London Bridge; the V&A; discovering David is HUGE; looking at Jesus for ages; sitting on a train floor whilst trying not to ruin my £2 dress.

Good times ♥

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