Mystery Jets

So, finally an actual *crafting* post! Wowsers. Considering the whole point of me setting up this little place was to document my knitting/sewing misadventures I've yet to post anything of substance, oops. To be honest this is because I've not really had much time to make anything of worth since moving house in April; and anything I have made has been pretty lame and/or dull (one rectangular phone case, to date... 'citin).

But now I'm back on the knitting wagon and I have to say, I'm loving it. I'm making the mystery shawl featured within the lovely Let's Knit magazine back in 2009. I'm a bit annoyed at myself to be honest, I printed out the first part only thinking that it would probably take me a while to complete (having not knitted anything harder than a square for... well, ages) but it actually only took about half an hour to complete the set-up, and I only made one mistake due to chatting and not paying attention (typical me). I can't wait to get started on the main body, this project is looking pretty delicious already (excuse the crappy phone picture... and my gross nail varnish, apparently I'm scruffy).

I'll keep updating with pics as I go... nothing else much to report, there's a big project coming up; not a crafting one, more of a nutritional venture (not Atkins, this time)... but more on that another day.


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