Sea of ...something

Pic by and of Jane, obvs.

I know there is a big love/hate divide surrounding Jane of Sea of Shoes; a lot of which (recently, anyway) seems to be coming down on the 'hate' side of the debate. Whether it's because she's unashamedly rich, gets on so well with her (beautiful) family, has unlimited access to fashion, photographers and everything else or something entirely different, I'm not sure.

I'm in the middle, personally. Whilst I can see that her champagne lifestyle is a whole world away from my Tesco Value budget (seriously) I don't see that as a bad thing. Looking at her (generally amazing) photos doesn't make me jealous. I find it kind of fascinating, in a 'how the other half live' kind of way.

I'm not so sure on her latest obsession though, namely bug jewellery. Half of me loves it in a "oh look creepy" kind of way (a throwback to my goth years, naturally) whilst the other half thinks that, were I to actually wear a dead cockroach round my neck in public, I'd look less chic, more insane.

I wonder how the beetles feel about all of this?

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