Three is the magic number

I'm only three repeats into my mystery shawl but already I'm totally in love with it. I had to rip it out and start again at one point yesterday due to a massive drop in concentration that led to missing out an entire lace row (fail) but luckily that was only on the first repeat so it wasn't too traumatic. I did still of course have a paddy and stomp about in a grump for ten minutes lamenting how it was RUINED FOREVER and I'd have to START IT ALL AGAINNNNN but once I'd stopped being melodramatic I sat down, cast on again, and here I am.

Lace knitting seems to go quicker for me than other types, I've tried several times to cast on for endless jumpers, cardigans and whatnot with the best of intentions, only to give up after four inches of stocking stitch because it's already taken me forever to get to that point. I think it's also kind of satisfying to create something that, at first, looks a bit like a brain - all wrinkled and small and messy - but once blocked looks like an amazing work of art. That sounded gross, didn't it?

I'll stop now before I go off on a complete tangent. Bye! ♥

PS: Say hello to our new friend, Archimedes... hoot hoot!

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