Random quick post: embroidery makes! I've been needlework mad since the weekend apparently and have made two embroidered cushions, both using templates purchased from Urban Threads. They were both made using the extra fabric from my duvet cover and fit in perfectly with the rest of the bed set, obviously. They aren't the neatest, but nothing I make for myself ever is. Excuse the crappy photography, both of these were made at nighttime, hence the terrible lighting.

I think I prefer the sugar skull, personally. Question: if I were to make some more random embroidered things and bung them on Etsy, would anyone want to buy them? Just a thought.

Nothing Is New.

Ever so slightly amused that the huge armour rings my friends and I used to wear when we were teenage goths have apparently become fashionable. My oh-so-deep and anti-confirmist 16-year old self would have been SO not happy with that.

From 5 Inch & Up

From Dame Viv
From Fashionology

On a Roll

I had a little day off work today so, after running a few errands around town, I spent the day finishing up some sewing projects and starting/completing other ones. Here are a few photographic highlights from today's adventures, as I'm far too engrossed in the Big Brother final to write a huge entry right now (har).

This fabric was originally going to be a pair of cushions but I realised on unfolding it that there was too much there to waste on that (plus it's such a great print/thickness), so I made a nice little circle skirt instead using the tutorial on What The Craft. I love it!!!

Not that you can tell from this photo but it's probably got my neatest zip insertion yet *geek*

Excuse the crappy mirror pictures. I had to put a dart in either side of the waistline so that it fitted my shape properly.

Incidentally I sort-of stitched my duvet cover too, seen in the background of the pics above. I decided I wanted it after seeing it online (£11.99, Wilkinsons) but sadly my local store only had king sized versions, which would be far too big for my little old double bed. So what did I do? I sewed it to the correct size. I also now have a load of yummy fabric left over to play with! Matching cushions perhaps? As well as the skirt I finished off my Colette Patterns Parfait dress, but I've yet to take photo of that yet. Soz and chips.

Not sewing related but... how good are these boots? I saw them today in the window of a local charity shop, as part of a charming little themed Wild West scene they'd set up. £4.95, leather too :)

Finally... it amuses me too much to get letters from the House of Commons on thick, expensive headed paper. The fact it's in response to an oh-so-glamourous discussion I had with my MP about my bin isn't the point.

Bye! ♥

PS: Chantelle or Nikki to win! Ahem.

Colour Me Wonderful

...And whilst we're on the subject of homes, here's another interesting find via Amazing_Places (my new favourite website, apparently)... Zandra Rhodes' crazy central London flat.

To me it kind of looks like a cross between the Lego houses I used to build for my pet hamsters when I was little (what?) and the interior decor of Alex De Large's family home in A Clockwork Orange.

Viddy on little droogs...

Not Strictly Legal

...But too beautiful not to share. Some amazing Airstream (♥) pictures from Kitsch Deluxe (no idea of the RRP, sorry), scanned by some naughty person over on Awesome_Places @ Livejournal. I am in love!

HOW BEAUTIFUL?! I think that's settled then - for the office Secret Santa this year, I would like an Airstream. Thanks!

A Few Boys Named Sue

A bit of black & white, in aid of me listening to Johnny Cash all evening...

I wish.

I've been really rubbish with the posting for the last couple of weeks - not for lack of anything to say (though I'm sure whatever I do write in here is not particularly riveting) but more because I've been so busy, both at home and at work, that by the time I wind down in the evening all I want to do is lie in a dark room and maybe, if I feel like my brain can take it, watch some Ultimate Big Brother. I know, I know, I have such a jet-set life.

However! I am now (hopefully) emerging from the dark cloud of work and stress that has been hovering over me and am therefore able to get back on track with whatever nonsense I usually post in here.

First things first: Moomin house!

I like to think that, when I do finally purchase my own abode, it might just end up looking just like this (not too sure J would be too happy about that... but still).

Moomin house, part of an interior design concept by Russian industrial designer Maria Yasko, via Life.Style.Etc.
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