I wish.

I've been really rubbish with the posting for the last couple of weeks - not for lack of anything to say (though I'm sure whatever I do write in here is not particularly riveting) but more because I've been so busy, both at home and at work, that by the time I wind down in the evening all I want to do is lie in a dark room and maybe, if I feel like my brain can take it, watch some Ultimate Big Brother. I know, I know, I have such a jet-set life.

However! I am now (hopefully) emerging from the dark cloud of work and stress that has been hovering over me and am therefore able to get back on track with whatever nonsense I usually post in here.

First things first: Moomin house!

I like to think that, when I do finally purchase my own abode, it might just end up looking just like this (not too sure J would be too happy about that... but still).

Moomin house, part of an interior design concept by Russian industrial designer Maria Yasko, via Life.Style.Etc.

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