On a Roll

I had a little day off work today so, after running a few errands around town, I spent the day finishing up some sewing projects and starting/completing other ones. Here are a few photographic highlights from today's adventures, as I'm far too engrossed in the Big Brother final to write a huge entry right now (har).

This fabric was originally going to be a pair of cushions but I realised on unfolding it that there was too much there to waste on that (plus it's such a great print/thickness), so I made a nice little circle skirt instead using the tutorial on What The Craft. I love it!!!

Not that you can tell from this photo but it's probably got my neatest zip insertion yet *geek*

Excuse the crappy mirror pictures. I had to put a dart in either side of the waistline so that it fitted my shape properly.

Incidentally I sort-of stitched my duvet cover too, seen in the background of the pics above. I decided I wanted it after seeing it online (£11.99, Wilkinsons) but sadly my local store only had king sized versions, which would be far too big for my little old double bed. So what did I do? I sewed it to the correct size. I also now have a load of yummy fabric left over to play with! Matching cushions perhaps? As well as the skirt I finished off my Colette Patterns Parfait dress, but I've yet to take photo of that yet. Soz and chips.

Not sewing related but... how good are these boots? I saw them today in the window of a local charity shop, as part of a charming little themed Wild West scene they'd set up. £4.95, leather too :)

Finally... it amuses me too much to get letters from the House of Commons on thick, expensive headed paper. The fact it's in response to an oh-so-glamourous discussion I had with my MP about my bin isn't the point.

Bye! ♥

PS: Chantelle or Nikki to win! Ahem.

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