She's Lost Control, Again

Woah, long time no post guys! Sorry and all. A quick post tonight to remind you all that I'm alive and then I'll update properly tomorrow... maybe.

I've not really been up to much since my last post to be honest, but here are a few memories:
  • Going to work at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally and being totally inspired and awed by all the materials, colours and creative people
  • Staying in the beautiful Costello Palace whilst there due to a mix-up, which not only meant walking down Seven Sisters Road in the middle of the night but also having a plastic sheet on the bed... mmm, crunchy
  • Visits, and non-visits (waa) from loved ones 
  • Buying a secondhand LCD TV from a man I found on Gumtree only for it to stop working (and him stop replying to me) three days later
  • Having a bit of a meltdown about that but later accepting that I have terrible luck in general and becoming rather zen about the entire charade (whilst vowing never to buy secondhand electronics again, ever)
  • Listening to lots of Ricky Gervais radio shows and Chris Rock Live CDs to bypass the lack of telly 
  • Saying I will finish reading Lolita in time for my book club on November 1st but thus far failing to do so (maybe tomorrow?)
  • Fighting with BT over completely boring, mundane, but expensive mistakes they keep making 
  • Redecorating my living room to the best of my abilities, considering I don't have much money and can't actually do anything major due to it being a rental
  • Ditto bedroom and hallway
  • Getting rid of my wonky wardrobe, and thus about half of my remaining clothes, to save space in my little home and to finally stop the risk of it one day falling on me and squashing me
That's about it, for now anyway. My cat is poking me in the head with his paw, I think that means it's bedtime.

N'night xxxx

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